Tuesday, October 28, 2014

And the winners are...

Two winners to announce today!
Congrats to Heather B. you won the Temple Run Pack giveaway.
Hooray for Guadalupe B. you won the BRZK trilogy :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pray For Pilchuck

A tragedy struck my community on Friday. Many of you will have heard about it. I heard about it when my husband came home  mid-day and rushed into the house. I hadn't picked up the phone that morning, having let the machine do its thing.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Author Interview with Samantha Allard- Dark of the Moon

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am interviewing author Samantha Allard, the writer of the new YA paranormal, Dark of the Moon.

The Interview- Samantha Allard

1. Tell me about your road to publication

This isn’t the first time The Dark of the Moon has been published. It was actually one of the first stories I wrote under my penname Ella Grey. So this copy is a heavily revised and expanded edition. When I got the rights back to the story I knew there was only one place that I wanted to send it to. I’ve had three stories published with Breathless Press and they have a sister company Lycaon Press who handle Young Adult stories. My editor with Breathless suggested an editor for Lycaon and I sent it to her. The rest as they say is history. 

2. Can you tell me about Rachel Valentine and how you see her evolving in the series? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chum by Adam Glendon Sidwell

Today I am happy to take part in the blog tour for Chum by Adam Glendon Sidwell.
The Story- (blurb)
Thirteen-year-old Levi Middleworth insists he's got a Destiny, even if half the internet's tried to bully it out of him with a viral video. When a Hollywood executive in a trim green suit invites Levi to star on a reality TV show aboard a hi-tech pirate ship, Levi thinks his Destiny's finally come a knockin' a bit of fame is exactly what he needs to finally make some friends his eighth grade year. But almost as soon as they set sail, the games aboard the ship turn savage, and he and his new bud Holly must do everything they can to find themselves some Chums little round-headed autonomous toys since failing to do so means getting thrown to the sharks. With the help of Levi's long-lost television hero and a tech-savvy pirate crew, Levi has to rethink his quest for fame in an attempt to save himself, his fellow contestants, and every human being on the beach from a feeding frenzy of grisly proportions.

My Thoughts-

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Drone Games by Joel Narlock

I have a special review today, a spy thriller entitled Drone Games by Joel Narlock. For more info on the tour check out the Cedar Fort blog.

The Story-
Professor Al-Aran is a terrorist. His plan is to use drone machines that his colleague in Georgia built, to destroy US air craft and bring the economy to a halt. He is the brains, the man power is a young man named Akil, who is willing to control the drones and kill hundreds of people.

Jack Riley works directly with the President of the United States. He is a resource on terrorist attacks and has many theories about what disaster will happen next. Tom Ross works for the NTSB and joins up with Riley to uncover the terrorist plot and stop it.

My Thoughts-

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Code Busters Club Giveaway

I have a great giveaway to announce today. Egmont Publishers is giving one lucky winner a chance to win paper copies of The Code Busters Club books 1-3 and a Hardback of book 4 by Penny Warner. To enter fill out the rafflecopter form below.

The Code Busters Club, Case #1: The Secret of the Skeleton Key
Bad guys beware!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Author Updates

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